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Google Adsense and Affiliate Advertising Disclosure

On this website there are two types of advertisements (Google Adsense and affiliate ad links) which can earn revenue for the website. The Google Adsense ads that appear on the website can earn the website revenue if clicked on by a visitor (we are not asking you to click on links, we are simply disclosing this information to you). We can not and do not endorse any product or service advertised in the advertisements. The ads that are served are theoretically tied in with the material written on the site.  An example of a Google Adsense ad is below.

We may add an affiliate link to the website which can earn revenue for the website. Affiliate links work as follows: someone clicks on the ad/link, if they like the product or service and buy it, the website receives a portion of the sales price. The buyer does not pay a higher price, they simply buy at the going rate and a portion of the price is received as a commission. Again we are not asking you to purchase any product or service advertised on this website, we are simply disclosing to you this information. We do our best to try make sure any affiliate ad link posted is offering high quality products and services. If you find that, that is not the case we immediately remove those links.