Q. What is the catch, why is someone giving away money to help other people they don’t even know?

There is no catch. You simply follow the instructions of the request process and your request could be selected to be awarded. The philanthropist is doing this because he or she is a giver at heart.

Q. Who is behind this website?

The person behind this website wishes to remain anonymous, however you will be able to see the sponsors and partners brought on board to help in this endeavor.

Q. Can I have more than one request?

You may only make one request every 30 days. If you receive an award you may not make anymore requests.

Q. Am I guaranteed to get my request awarded?

Unfortunately we will not be able to award all the requests that are submitted. However, we are working to partner with various companies that offer solutions to help you get out of your financial challenges.

Q. How long does it take to get my request awarded if it is selected?

See request assistance link for details.

Q. How do you decide who will receive an award?

It is challenging for us to determine who will receive an award and who will not be able to receive an award. We have developed a questionnaire/survey to help us in this process.

Q. How will I receive the award if selected?

If your request is selected to be awarded, you will receive a phone call and/or email from one of our staff to discuss with you how your award will be issued.

Q. What is the maximum amount I may request?

The maximum request amount is $1,000.

Q. How many people will you help?

We will award a maximum of 250 request per 30 days.

Q. Why don’t I see any thank you messages posted in the blog?

For one because we deal with people privately and “they” give there thank you then. The philanthropist does not do this just for people to thank them publicly. Other “ego” driven websites might have people posting thank you messages just to build a buzz, that is not the case her. Those that receive help know this is 100% real.